TPMS Starter Kit

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Vendor: TPMS 24/7

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SKU: DY-47 Starter Kit

This Tire shop starter kits comes with everything a shop needs to replace and relearn TPMS Sensors . The DVT-TPMS sensors can be programmed wireless in or out of the tire. No cradle or pad needed.

DY-47 TPMS tool with OBD

  • 5 Years FREE tool updates ($1000 value)
  • OBD for relearn
  • Copy/Clone TPMS sensors for Summer - Winter set of tires

12 DVT-TPMS Programmable Sensors

  • 98% coverage
  • Single SKU
  • Dual band 315/433Mhz. 

4 Metal replacement Valves to match the rims

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