Pen light with Laser Pointer- 150 Lumen

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The ALS Pen Light combines a 150 lumen front light and a powerful laser light. Designed for those professionals that need a small but powerful light source. The compact design and ultra-light weight make the Pen Light easy to carry in a pocket or tool belt.  The Laser Pen Light can be used for a wide range of tasks. The aviation aluminum-alloy housing is tough, sturdy and won’t corrode.

High Efficiency COB LED

  • Front COB LD provides 150/75lm brightness

Laser Design

  • FDA certified laser on the top - <1mW,850 nm wavelength

Multi-functional Design

  • Metal clip at back for easy and secure carrying
  • Lights will flash as low power warning prior to the battery running out

Brightness Memory Function

  • Setting is recorded after 5 seconds of activation
  • Recorded setting is recalled next time the device is activated


  • High efficiency COB LED
  • High power LED
  • Front COB LED: 75/150 lumen
  • Top Laser: <1mW,850 nm wavelength
  • 2h operating time
  • 2-3h charging time
  • 3.7V 750mAH Li-poly battery
  • Weight: .11 lbs./50 grams
  • Size: 16.5 x 18.9 x164mm

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